Top of the tram snow at Snowbird in September

Whoa! With low snow totals for the last two ski seasons in a row, we’re all hoping for piles of snow this season. Yesterdays snowfall which created a beautiful contrast to the fall colors on Mount Superior and almost a foot at the top of the tram snow at Snowbird has many locals a buzz with excitement and hope that this is a good sign for things to come.

Winter is coming.

With a strong El Niño brewing off the coast of California right now, there is a good chance this years snow totals are going to be great for Utah.  Historically, El Niño‘s create larger than normal snowfall along Utah’s Wasatch mountain range.  The problem is, many years we get large precipitation in southern Utah and lower than average in northern Utah.  Normal wind patterns push storms in a north easterly direction which usually drops a lot more snow on our side of the mountain than the Park City side.  A fact many of our guest understand and more than just a contributing factor, it is the reason true skiers ski Snowbird & Alta.  However, during some El Niño seasons, wind patterns have pushed storms north west, dropping significantly more snow on the Park City side.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’s still a crap shoot.  I, for one, am still taking this storm as a sign that this season is going to be huge!

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